Interview: A.G.


This Friday, a member of New York hip hop royalty, A.G., is hitting Auckland for a show at Galatos (and on Thu in Wellington), along with DJ Total Eclipse from the X-ecutioners.

A.G.’s career started in the Bronx in the early 90s, when he was part of the duo, Showbiz and A.G (his name was a shortened version of his original MC name, Andre the Giant). Their album, Goodfellas (1995), broke them in the US hip hop scene and featured appearances from Method Man, DJ Premier, and Roc Raida. The duo also worked with the D.I.T.C. (digging in the crates) crew, along side Fat Joe and Diamond D.

Looking back now, A.G. finds that his home suburb has changed massively over the intervening years: “The Bronx has changed tremendously since my childhood. The Bronx was known as “The Burnt down Bronx’ in those days! It has been renovated and fixed up nicely in most areas. Now there are no more park jams and hip hop clubs in the Bronx though. The original spirit of hip hop doesn’t seem to be here anymore .”

In the intervening years, A.G.’s career has taken him all over the world, but he’s looking forward to finally make it to our shores: “I’m super excited about New Zealand – the land, the people, the concert. In my mind, New Zealand is such a far away place, I’d never even have dreamed of performing there when I was young. Another reason I’m excited is because this is my first time.and I have toured so many places. This means growth to me personally. I have been doing this of almost 25 years and I’m still doing new things and going to new areas – makes me know that there is still progress! Can’t wait to see the people!!!”

When it comes to his local shows, A.G. is promising to deliver a classic set of hip hop entertainment: “The crowd can expect energy and a real MC from the south Bronx where hip hop was created. They can expect the classics of course and some new material as well. I will give 100 percent as usual – the stage is my sanctuary – and the audience will be connected. They can expect a raw non-filtered performance”.

Auckland – 9:00pm Friday 2nd May 2014 at Galatos (Tickets from UTR)
Hosted by DLT with support from Team Dynamite, DJ Hudge, DJ Spell, Human Resource, Poroufessor, Albert Stone, Tihei + BBoys, BGirls

Watch: Showbiz and AG – Next Level (DJ Premier remix).

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