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Taste Nasa a.k.a. Leroy Clampitt has just released his new EP No Questions Asked. Nick Raven spoke with him to discuss the recording and concept of the EP, working on his live show and moving to Los Angeles.


Tell me about the recording process for the Taste Nasa EP.

Each of the songs on the EP came out of me at different points. For example one of the songs might be written and recorded in a fully equipped studio with real synths, nice mic’s, nice desk, nice pre amps etc. and one song was written/recorded in this shed I used to sleep with a Fast Track Ultra. It kinda forced me to use what I had to each extreme which makes for a vast palette of sounds.

Is there any sort of concept behind the EP?

No, it’s a collection of songs I’ve written over the last sixish months. I could create a number of concepts to help define the music but during the writing of each song I was just in such a different place. There are consistencies but it’s quite diverse, to me anyway.

How do you turn the Taste Nasa recordings into a live show?

My guy Joel Griffin and I perform the recordings live. It’s a 50/50 mix of live instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard, tenor saxophone, percussion, vocals) with backing tracks/samples. It’s heaps of fun, I control everything with my computer so we can do heaps of shit on the fly.

Is it difficult to balance BANGLADE$H, Taste Nasa and working on other production projects?

Nah, BANGLADE$H are taking a break while a couple of us are leaving the country. It leaves me with a healthy balance of working with other people on production and working on my own music.

Whats next for Taste Nasa?

By the time this is out I will have moved to Los Angeles. I have a collaborator who I’m going to be working with on my new music over there. Also I’m touring as a bass player with a band based there. The new music is well underway so there will be signs of the next body of work within a couple of months I predict.

Who are listening to at the moment?

I’ll give you five of my most recent played artists: Joan As Police Woman, Cam’ron, D’Angelo, Jon Hopkins, William Orbit.

Which one song that you’ve written is your favourite and why?

I won’t go into details but a song that will feature on my next body of work really opened me up to a new side of creativity which has changed the game for me.

What does music mean for you?

It has no meaning, it’s a feeling, and I have no words to describe it.

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