Five Influences On Sherpa’s New Album


With their new album, Blues & Oranges, due out next Friday, we asked Earl Ho of Auckland-based band Sherpa to list five things that influenced their record. Read what he had to say below.


The Beatles – White Album

I love the purity of this album. They were in the Himalayas meditating for hours everyday and maybe that gave them some kind of edge. Particularly John’s contributions as he is being straight up with the listener almost like if he were in conversation with him. The songs have a direct feed from the heart of Lennon into mine, which I hope is a trace that can be found on our new album, except from me to you.

Larry David

Whether in Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm there is always some kind of twist or ‘aha’ moment at the end. A little spark of cleverness that links up disparate parts introduced during the episode. I was trying to achieve this with a few songs from the new album, except you know….not as good.

808 Kick

We didn’t/have enough money to buy an actual 808 drum machine but Vince, the drummer of the band, bought an Roland SPD sampler which has an 808, amongst other classic drum machines. We realized that this kick drum could make some of our songs sound way more badass. Turns out they’ve been making a lot of classic songs way more badass too.

Todd Rundgren – A Wizard, A True Star

This is what happens when a totally straight teetotaling genius wunderkid hot shot producer/ multi-instrumentalist builds his own studio and takes a shit load of mescaline. The album is a big labyrinth of far-out sounds, studio wizardry and fantastic songwriting. I was already pretty interested in marrying far sounds with songs but this guy showed me that you can do it with grace and style.

I discovered this album by accident while listening to Daft Punk when their movie soundtrack for Electrorama came on and the first track was the first track of this album. This guy influenced Daft Punk too. Fuck Yeah.

The Eversons

The Eversons are one of my favorite bands ever. All of them are super talented, intelligent and they have a very symbiotic band working relationship. It’s been great hanging out with them, seeing their processes and talking shit. So yeah, talking shit with the Eversons has been a huge influence of this album.

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