Awesome Feeling 8: Indi ‘Hiraeth’


Brought to you by The Corner and NZ On Air, Awesome Feeling 8 is an online event running through NZ Music Month 2014, culminating in the release of a free downloadable compilation of 12 New Zealand songs and the words written about them. Every couple of days, we’ll be posting streaming+downloadable tracks from emerging local artists, accompanied by artist and track profiles authored by Corner contributors.


My first introduction to Indi was the track ‘Stay’, which was reviewed on The Corner back in March. It got a solid score there, and I was one of the people raving about it’s Grimes-esque loveliness.

So I did a bit of investigating and got taken to her Soundcloud page. Is it chock full of dreamy electro pop? Nope, it turns out that ‘Stay’ is an anomaly amongst Indi’s other work, at least her work outside of her more trip hop inclined band, Doprah. Lots of quirky electronic vignettes and ambient workouts that bring to mind Aphex Twin and Emeralds at times. It’s a wonderful peek into a talented artist’s stockpile of experiments that reminds you what an amazing place the internet can be for sharing and discovering music.

‘Hiraeth’ is a track that can transport you to a blissful headspace before getting just a little bit dark near it’s conclusion. For all it’s electronics, it sounds quite organic and makes me imagine myself floating through a forest with sunlight beaming through the treetops, which is rarely a bad thing. The track’s title is also a thing of beauty, it’s a Welsh word meaning, according to Wikipedia, ‘homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed’, and somehow knowing that enhances the sense of well-being the song instills.

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