The Corner (2009 – 2014)

corner, The (2009 – 2014)

Born in a time of tumult for local music journalism, into a field crowded by old-guard traditionalists and ad-revenue-focused press release regurgitators, The Corner sought to make a difference. With considerable support from spiritual older siblings Real Groove and Volume, both now sadly deceased, The Corner prioritised quality music, quality writing and a loose unwritten philosophy of gentle agitation over appeasement, holding no cows sacred and avoiding assumed local critical convention wherever possible.

Named for those mythical inner-city places of conversation, The Corner sought to foster community. Completely open to contributions and submissions, it aimed to provide a place where near anyone could write about music or could have their music written about. Occasionally, with assistance from the site’s liberal editorial and comment moderation policies, this went wrong – perusal of the vitriolic swamps that make up many of the ‘Great Sounds Great, Bad Sounds Bad’ discussion threads is testament to this – but more often it gave The Corner a uniquely broad output, one with little regard for the walls usually created by isolation, trend and genre.

The Corner was a music website that, like all music websites, thrived largely via the work of others. To every musician whose work featured on the site in any form, and especially those whose singles were heartlessly eviscerated, to every writer and to every reader, we’re eternally grateful. As of next week, and for the forseeable future, we’ll say goodbye, with the sincere hope that you enjoy your return to a world in which Cheese on Toast is New Zealand’s preeminent music website.

And so, in the spirit of things that seemed important when they happened, we sign off like this:

The Corner is dead. Start your own fucking website.


  1. silke says:

    Nooooooooo! :(

  2. RIP My favourite website. But seriously THANK YOU

  3. “Every corner, every city
    There’s a place where life’s a little easy”

    R.I.P in Thug Mansion my friend

  4. Robyn says:

    The terrorists, aka the Neo-Kalashnikovs, have won.

  5. matthew says:

    thank you for everything

  6. Shane says:

    Ad revenue focus to the right of me ->
    Ad revenue focus in the first button in your navigation bar above me ^

    Maybe don’t pat yourself on the back to hard there.

    • matthew says:

      maybe look at the corner’s key competitors and the fact that the site ran for over four years with next to no advertising, and then maybe get fucked

      • Matthew has offered two maybes, which is four individual options in total, but only one of them sounds inevitable.

      • Shane says:

        What competitors? If it’s not seeking advertising dollars, then there isn’t anything to compete for, is there? And no reason not to continue if the financials are irrelevant.

  7. Oh no! So sad to see this website go! Was a regular place of visitation for me. Thanks for the support over the years and good luck in your future projects!

  8. Michael McClelland says:

    The Coroner

  9. Talia says:

    R.I.P to the site you used to see…


  10. BeNZa says:

    Later bo! Gotta find another corner now. All the best.

  11. Alex Lyall says:

    A nice write off for what was in total honesty, an amazing website. Bless ya Hussein!

  12. Fraser says:

    No!!! Sad to hear this news guys

  13. NOOOOooooOOOOooooOOooo. I’ll miss you terribly.

  14. BeNZa says:

    Off topic – anyone know if Harvey Knows A Killer is still jamming?

  15. yungd says:

    Off topic – anyone know if Harvey Knows A Killer is still jamming?

    yeah bro, new album on the way

  16. You will be missed, well done Hussein and co.

  17. chris says:

    Ha ha good riddance. Did your one advertiser pull out? I for one wont miss your knee jerk, superficial reviews & writing from your toxic boring cretins. The reason your site wasn’t more popular wasn’t anything to do with the fact that you had too much competition, it’s because people recognised it for the try hard shock jock site that it is/was.

    • Chris – your boring.

      • chris says:

        Boring reply

      • BeNZa says:

        Dear Father,

        Please bless Chris with more butter so he doesn’t have to scrape the bottom of the container to cover his whole piece of toast.

        Thank you for blessing him though with the time to come through the site regularly to make such a beautiful judgement even though I think the corner he is referring too & spent time in enough to make beautiful judgement is located in Papatoetoe.


    • thumbs up says:


    • Chris McPike says:

      From one Christ to another, you’re a cunt.

  18. Warren says:

    Thanks, hope I can find a new corner to hang out on

  19. Ya Boi says:

    Bout time. Websites/music ‘critics’, ‘reviewers’ like these are sooo redundant and do zero favours for the nz music scene. good riddance indeed.

    • BeNZa says:

      They not for you bruh. No media does anything for NZ music, only the music itself.

  20. Lostinspaces says:

    And I’ve just recently discovered this site…. :( :( :(

  21. Thanks Hussein and the contributors for a great place to visit over the last few years.
    All the best for future projects!

    PS: the whole idea of sites like the Corner is not to do ‘favours’ for anybody – simply be an outlet of opinion. Doing ‘favours’ implies exactly that and the Corner was never about cutting deals, recycling press releases or aimlessly hyping things up at the request of “PR” people. Good luck in finding another independent, contributor-driven website that focuses on NZ music without bias.

    • chris says:

      “the whole idea of sites like the Corner is not to do ‘favours’ for anybody”, lol except their friends bands time & time again. This site was one big circle jerk.

      • Lydia Davis says:

        Sounds like your band didn’t get a good review, Chris!

      • chris says:

        I’m not in a band Lydia. Are you? Did they help you sell five cassette tapes to your friends? How lovely for you. Give your arm a soft punch in celebration.

  22. Lydia Davis says:

    No, as an award winning author of micro-fiction and translator of Proust I haven’t the time for a band, sadly.

    -Lydia D

    • chris says:

      Surely micro-fiction doesn’t take long to write? Ha, bet you haven’t heard that one before.

  23. Brodo Faggins says:

    I guess the Corner wouldn’t be complete without its website haters COMMENTING ON THE WEBSITE THAT THEY HATE.

    Or people who feel joy from slagging someone off on the internet. But I totally understand why those people (who are too much of a cunt to hang around on the internet, meaning that they are probably not too fun to be around in REAL LIFE) enjoy that.

  24. Alex Lyall dawgg says:

    I want to know how GSGBSB would have reacted to ’90s Music’

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