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Famous Rappers From New Zealand

When it comes to different genres of music, New Zealand has always matched up to world standards. Like other genres, Kiwis have their own extremely talented rappers as well. Let’s talk about the 10 best rappers from New Zealand .


Che Fu

Born and brought up in Auckland, Che fu is a very successful rapper who started off as a guitar player. However, with the passage of time, he realized he would be much more successful as a rapper, which, lucky for him, turned out to be quite true.



Ladi6 is a rapper who enjoys a massive fan following not only from New Zealand, but all around the world. She has had successful tours through Europe in collaboration with some of the greatest hip hop artists of New Zealand.


Dei Hamo

Dei Hamo had been around the music scene since the 80’s, but his song “We Gon Ride” became a blockbuster during the rise of rap and hip hop music in the early 2000s in New Zealand.


Sid Diamond

Coming from a very notorious family involved in real life gangs, Sid Diamond got an edge in the rap industry that many rappers didn’t. His family background brought a very realistic feel to his rap music and made him a controversial, yet famous, rapper in New Zealand.



Scribe was one of the first rappers in New Zealand who appeared on the Kiwi rap scene and became a trendsetter. His album went platinum within a few days of its release, and since then he has been producing hits.



Savage is recognized not only in New Zealand, but also in Hollywood, for his songs. His songs have been featured in some of the most successful Hollywood movies like Knocked Up and Step Up 3.


King Kapisi

King Kapisi started rapping at a wellington based hip hop group’s performance who gave chance to newbie artists to show their talent at their shows. He had immense talent and found success with his rapping skills.


David Dallas

David Dallas caught the mainstream audience’s attention during 2003 after his collaboration with Scribe in the track Not Many. Since then he has won multiple awards and has never looked back.


Mc Tali

Mc Tali is one of the most successful female rap artists to have emerged from New Zealand. Her single Lyric On My Lip made its way to the 37th spot on U.K singles chart.



Mareko tops the list with his groovy beats and rough vocals. Two of his singles made it to the top 10 after he recorded his album White Sunday in New York.