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Top 10 Rock Bands of New Zealand

New Zealand is not just full of natural, picturesque places, but it has also produced amazing musicians time and again. Let’s talk about the top 10 rock bands that made the rock music lovers bang heads to their tunes.



The Opshop rose to fame during 2007-2008. Based in Auckland, the Opshop made soft, romantic music that was loved by audience that could relate to their motivational, yet pleasing, fusion of rock music.


Skinny Hobos

Formed by a duo of a drummer and a guitarist, Skinny Hobos are fairly new to the rock music scene, but have created a significant place for themselves in a short period of time.



Belonging to Christchurch, Tainted is one of the most talented metal bands from New Zealand. This band may have had some gap among the release of their albums, but the music they produce easily justifies that gap.



Since the release of their first album in 2011, Beastwars gained popularity very rapidly. Their main selling point being the husky voice of the band’s vocalist Matt Hyde. They released two more albums until the year 2016.


The Datsuns

The Datsuns are living examples of a high school band that made it to the mainstream
successfully. They got recognition not only in New Zealand, but also in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia as well.


The Phoenix Foundation

The Phoenix Foundation are known to play their music with the same passion whether they are playing in front of a huge crowd, or just a few people. They have received a lot of awards for their work and their music is preferably enjoyed in cars, during long road trips.


Elemeno P

Elemeno P charmed the stage every time they came to perform with their front man Dave Gibson. Equipped with pop-rock anthems and a carefree attitude, these guys became a household rock band all throughout the New Zealand.



Shihad is a popular rock band rocking the Kiwi and Australian stages since it formed in the 80’s. They have a very loyal fan base to support their music, and have kept their style of music unaltered since their creation.


Crowded House

Crowded house was formed by two members of another famous rock band split enz. They stood out from all other bands because of the astounding music they produced and grew their fan base tremendously in New Zealand and Australia.


Arc of Ascent

Arc of Ascent is a psychedelic/stoner rock band from Hamilton. This band came into being in 2008 and had their first album out in 2010 called “Circle Of The Sun”. Having distinguished themselves from other rock bands in New Zealand with their addictive tunes for rock music lovers, they are undoubtedly the best rock band that originates from New Zealand.